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One of the crucial steps to modernize and prepare your business to catch the latest opportunities is to digitalize your data.

We built Integrohu as a means to do that.

Integrohu brings your data to the cloud, connecting your business to the global pool of sophisticated software with intelligent patterns of doing business, setting you up for a confident future.


Our ongoing project with Gentli has seen them integrate in our system and embrace the quick and nimble flow of their data.

Through this process, we have digitally synced Gentli's products on the cloud.

In this spirit, the latest developments have seen the creation of Gentli App - the online store of Gentli on IOS and Android.

Gentli KNAPP



On our ongoing project with Minimax, we have been able to boost their digital sales 10x. We've put their data on the cloud and then built a complete e-commerce solution that complements this process. The end result is enormous profit and a strong digital foundation.


This relationship began as Lumbardhi saw the need to digitalize and acquire knowledge of the online medium. Since then, we have created multiple platforms that connect Lumbardhi with its audience.

Prince Pharmacy


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