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Welcome to Digital Flow, a place to achieve a steady current of quality work. We provide our customers with products and services that improve their digital position; something we have done with multiple local companies.

We’ve also been able to pioneer our progress by ticking off a reached product-market fit with our minimal viable product while becoming profitable since day one through a short release cycle. We aim to build upon strong foundations and principles as a company through the services we provide.

Who are we

Where there’s a will there’s us with an array of platforms and intel guidance to manage your company with a smoother business flow.

01 - Who are we?

We are Digital Flow, a team specialized in handling the technicalities of your digital operations. Our foundations are built on the principles of efficiency and optimization of a company's digital affairs. These principles have held true across all of our relationships because they are drawn from experience.

02 - What we do

We create products that optimize your digital performance as a company in the most reliable way, provide you consultancy, and compute your market data. All in order to find the latest gaps in your production and sufficiently fulfill them for the most optimal operations.

03 - Why us?

Because Digital Flow is the result of immense analysis and experience that has already proven successful in our endeavors through the years with multiple big players in the market. Through our efficient digital approach, we have crafted systems that profit our clients.


A team dedicated to making your digital experience worthwhile

Dian FishekqiCEO / Co-founder
Genc DomiCo-founder
Kreshnik UkmataSoftware Engineer
Edon BudakovaIntern
Semra AbdullahiHuman Resources
Kastriot KastratiSoftware Engineer
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